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rapunzelgrey's Journal

adventures, alex borstein, alex krycek, alpine valley, american dad, amy sedaris, ani difranco, arrested development, back to the future, barenaked ladies, ben harper, billy west, bluthcest, boustan, buying cds, canada, cartoons, cbc, chicago (the movie), chocolate, chris owens, christopher moore, clone high, coffee, comedy, complaining about the weather, conan o'brien, concerts, cultural studies, dan castellaneta, dave matthews, dave matthews band, definitely not the opera, dr. cox, english, er, eternal sunshine, exit 57, family guy, fight club, fiona apple, food, french, futurama, gingerale, gob bluth, good books, hating fox, high fidelity, house, hugh laurie, irony, jack johnson, jack layton, jason bateman, jason mraz, johnny depp, jon stewart, kevin quain, kids in the hall, lachine canal, late night fog walks, logan echolls, mark kelley, maurice lamarche, mcgill, milk, montreal, motown, music, ndp, new york city, nicole sullivan, o.a.r., pasta, paul dinello, playing guitar, plays, politics, procrastinating, project gutenberg, reading, rob paulsen, robert sean leonard, robot chicken, robot devil, rocky horror picture show, sarah harmer, sarcasm, satire, scrubs, seth macfarlane, sex and the city, sleep, stephen colbert, strangers with candy, summer, sunshine, ted leo, television, the daily show, the o.c., the office (us), the simpsons, the wrong guy, theatre, tim reynolds, toronto, travel, tv, twitch city, veronica mars, virginia, walking, warm weather, wikipedia, will arnett, world report, writing, x-files, youtube